Medical Tourism In Thailand

Medical Tourism In Thailand

People go on tourist vacation outside the shores of their country for several reasons. Are you having a health challenge? You can as well go for what is referred to as medical tourism. If that is the case, then it is strongly suggested that you obtain a flight ticket that will take you to Thailand. This is so because this Asian giant is excellent for their health care delivery system. We shall take a look into what you will see on the ground when you get to Thailand.

Why Thailand Among The Asian Countries?

The Choice of Thailand is merited. The following factors make her stand tall among the nations of the world that offer medical treatments:

The main reasons that have enabled Thailand to dominate this growing market are:

  • If you desire a pocket-friendly solution, then you are to come to this city. When the stats were compared, it was seen that what you will be spending on your medical treatment here is low when compared to what obtains elsewhere. Talking about the standards, it can compare with the best in the world.
  • What about the quality of the treatments? The standards are very high here and it is one that you can rely on to get the best in medical treatment anywhere in the world. The private medical centers are up and doing.
  • Another equally strong factor is the extras that you will get when you are in this city. The tourist attraction is a big plus going forward for this Asian giant.

The Health Care System On The Ground

Thailand has over 1,000 hospitals and out of these, 470 are privately owned. You will get to see the largest concentration of private hospitals in this country in the whole of Asia. Thailand is the only country in the whole of Asia to have received the ISO 9001 certification and JCI accreditation. 37 of the hospitals in this country has been accredited by the JCI and they are all privately owned. The medical tourism here is largely driven by the private sector. Can now see reasons why a medical tourism visit to this city is a compelling must for those that want a mix of the best in medical practice and tourism.

Several foreigners troupe to Thailand to seek a medical solution because they have all their expectations met to the letter. Here are some of the chief factors that made Thailand stand tall in the committee of Nations that offer a medical solution to patients:

Low cost of medical treatments

It has been stated earlier and is now been repeated because of its importance. The medical treatment costs here amount to a fraction of what you will get in most Western countries. We are talking of about 20-50% cut when compared to equivalent treatment elsewhere with the same standards.

High-quality healthcare services

Health is wealth, if you want a country that you can rely on the best in medical practice, you can book your flight to Thailand because what you will see around you measures up to world standards. This is one country that has over 30 hospitals designated solely to medical practice. All the hospitals are licensed by the country’s Ministry of Public Health. The doctors here are competent having undergone their training in the US and Europe.

Highly developed tourism infrastructure

There are loads of tourist attractions in this city. Talk about the beaches and several other landmark places that will interest any visiting tourist; Thailand has been able to incorporate their tourism potentials into the national consciousness of the country. A medical tourism visit here is the most pocket-friendly approach that you can take if you desire to get the best in medical care mixed with tourism relaxation. The Thai people are warm and friendly to visitors. They will go out of their way to render useful services to foreigners. You are sure to get the best quality treatment in the hospital extended to the tourism sector.

Final Take

If you desire quality at its best in medical tourism experience; then you must head to Thailand. The facts are there to be seen.

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